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【预告】印度德里大学Sapna Jain教授应邀来MG电子游戏作学术报告

报告题目1:  Linear partition codes in Arihant metric
报告MG电子游戏:  2019年3月26日上午9:00
报告地点: 科学会堂A802
摘    要:  Linear partition codes in Arihant metric are block metric codes (S. Jain, WASJ[2011])and are a generalization of the classical error correcting codes endowed with the Lee metric (C.Y. Lee, IEEE Trans.[1958] and S. Jain, CKMS[2005]) and has applications over non binary channel. In this paper, we formulate the concept
of a linear partition Arihant code (LPA code) and discuss results pertaining to error detection and error correction capabilities of these codes. We also introduce exact
weight enumerator, complete weight enumerator, block weight enumerator and Arihant weight enumerator for LPA codes over Zq and obtain the exact and complete weight distribution of the dual code of an LPA code V by way of obtaining the MacWilliams type identity.

报告题目2:  Irregular-spotty-byte error control codes
报告MG电子游戏:  2019年3月26日下午4:00
报告地点: 科学会堂A802
摘    要: Spotty-byte error control codes devised by Suzuki et al.[2007] are suitable for semiconductor memories where a word is divided into regular bytes of equal length “b”. However, a more general and practical situation is when bytes are not regular i.e. when a word is divided into irregular bytes of different lengths. In this talk, we first introduce the notion of irregular-spottybyte error control codes [Jain, 2014] generalizing the usual spotty-byte error control codes and then discuss their error detection and error correction properties [Jain, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017]. These codes are useful for semiconductor memories which are highly vulnerable to multiple random bit errors when they are exposed to strong electromegnatic waves, radioactive particles or energetic cosmic particles

报告题目3:  Codes in LRTJ-Spaces
报告MG电子游戏:  2019年3月28日上午9:00
报告地点: 科学会堂A802

摘    要: In [Jain, AQ, 2010], Jain introduced a new metric viz. LRTJmetric on the space Matm×s(Zq), the module space of all m × s matrices with entries from the finite ring Zq(q ≥ 2) generalizing the classical one dimensional Lee metric [Lee, 1958] and the two-dimensional RT-metric [Rosenbloom and Tsfasman, 1997] which further appeared in [Jain, Encyclopedia of Distances, 2008]. In this talk, we discuss linear codes in LRTJ spaces and obtain various
bounds on the parameters of array codes in LRTJ-spaces for the correction of random array errors and usual and CT-burst array errors.



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